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I'm Courtney Emery!
Career Coach & HR Professional


I'm a Human Resources professional with over a decade of experience in progressive HR roles and an MBA with an HR Management concentration. Throughout my career, I have reviewed thousands of resumes and conducted hundreds of interviews.  I've been able to use this experience to help tons of friends and family refresh their resumes, answer questions regarding interview preparation, or assist them with launching a productive job search while successfully navigating my own career in corporate America. Now I'm ready to expand my reach and utilize my professional and personal expertise to help others do the same! 

Whether you’re a recent college graduate ready to land your first professional role or a seasoned professional ready for the next step (and everything in between), you've found the right corner of the internet! My services include resume review/ editing, LinkedIn optimization, interview preparation, and so much more!

I'm passionate about helping others succeed, so if you're tired of sending out resumes with no response or participating in interviews that lead to nowhere, now is the time to invest in yourself! Take out the guesswork and get the step-by-step tools and resources to reach your career goals. Let's connect to see how my approach can help you land your dream opportunity!




Experienced HR Professional

I have over 10 years of experience in progressive HR roles. Having conducted hundreds of interviews, and evaluated thousands of resumes I know what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for. I provide the need-to-know information to ensure my clients stand out. 

Personalized Coaching Experience

My coaching sessions and follow-up work are tailored specifically to the needs of each person. Even while goals and milestones for reaching them are alike - I always honor the uniqueness of each person I work with and equip them with the tools that will benefit them the most at their stage in the journey.

Flexible Formats

You are in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing a format for working together. We can stick with weekly/ bi-weekly hourly sessions or combine them with deep-dive mini-workshops when more time is required. Each client is different so I am flexible about extending or shortening the time of the regular sessions if that's what's most beneficial to you.

Proven record of delivering results

I am grateful to have received feedback from clients that this experience was beneficial to their career development and advancement. Whether it's gaining the career clarity they needed to get unstuck or acquiring the tools to help boost their confidence, my clients have experienced real transformations.

Ongoing Access Between Sessions

I am always available via email or text. This is an interactive process. Clients can reach out at any time to get personalized feedback with quick turnaround times.

Passion for Clients

I became a Career Coach because I am truly passionate about helping others succeed and reach their career goals. 

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I don't offer a one size fits all service. Instead, I work with clients to truly understand their experience and career goals and then tailor a specific plan to meet those needs. 

  • Not sure of your next career move and need help gaining clarity? 

  • Not sure of what steps to take to launch your job search?

  • Applying for jobs everywhere, but not getting any interviews?

  • Getting interviews, but no job offers?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it's time to take the guesswork out of the process and work with a career coach to get a step-by-step plan. Take the first step by scheduling a time to chat. Invest in yourself to land the dream opportunity you've been looking for.


Check out my blog for tips on all things career development to include; resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, interview preparation, and launching a job search. 

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If my expertise seems like the right fit for you, check out my services to learn more about ways we can work together.

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